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January 31


29 (who?)
“Kiku-senpai! Wait up!” I say, running over to the retreating figure at the school doors. He turns around, seeing you, and visibly relaxes.
“Ah, (y/n)-san, I see you are well?” he says politely, fidgeting under your hard stare.
“Hm...”you trail off, looking at his handsome face, with fair skin, chocolate-brown eyes, and silky black hair and laughed. You notice that his cheeks are brushed with a bright pink, and how his mouth curves into a smile. You tried to ignore the sudden feeling to give him a hug, most likely scaring him out of his wits, or even brushing his hair with your hands, which again, would probably freak him out. You listened to your heart, which beated like a drum, as the blood went to your face, dyeing it a bright red.
“Um….um…..were the exams well for you?” he stutters, knowing that you’d instantly start complaining about the week-long exams.
“Were they! I thought I would just about die in the History one! Seriously, I thought I’d die.” You blabber off, not noticing how he breathed a sigh of relief, and how his heart was beating furiously.
See, unknown to you, he was in love with you. He loved your (h/c) hair that shone in the sun’s light, and your (e/c) eyes, with the most softest seeming eyelashes, and your lips, that always had something to say. His crush started when you had saved him from a gang of bullies, who were always bullying you because of your race. You had saved him, and to his surprise, you even asked to be his friend-the friendless Kiku could only like you because of that.
“Hey. Kiku!” I snap at him, who was off in a daydream. He jolted up.
“Ah, sorry….I wasn’t paying attention (y/n)-san. Don’t you see that cute cat over there?” he mumbles, noticing you didn’t use the suffix. He didn’t care though. As long as it was you.
“Cat? Cat? Where?” you ask, looking around to see it. As you walk back to his direction, you trip, and fall right into his arms. Both of you turn bright red as wolf-whistles and cat-calls sounded all around you.
“Kesesese~~~look at the new couple, eh? Kiku and (y/n). Never knew!” Gilbert Beilschimdt calls out, making you and Kiku blush harder. You jump right out of his arms, missing the warmth from them.
“Kiku!” Yao Wang, Kiku’s older brother cries abashedly, “You’ve grown up so much aru!”
“I-i-i-t’s not how it looks like!” you sputter, as everyone starts laughing-at Yao.  You glance over at Kiku-who had left without you knowing. Using some colorful words, you run outside.
“Kiku-senpai! Kiku-senpai!” you call, trying to find him. Great. You wanted to ask him to help you study for the final exam-Math (which you happened to epically suck at while Kiku was an honor student in that subject) .  You decide to call him later to ask.

*Epic time-skip brought to you by my homework*

You knock on the door of Kiku and Yao's house to study for the stupid Math exam.
“Hello?” Yao sticks his head out of the door, and looks at you. “Ah! Kiku is waiting for you in his room aru. Do you want some tea?”
“No thanks.” You say, as you look down the hallway with the same white doors. “Uh…which one is his?”
“This one aru.” With a satisfied glint in his caramel eyes, Yao knocks on the door, in which you hear a muffled thump as something falls.
"Come in." his soft voice calls. Yao ushers you in, where Kiku is sitting with a kotatsu set up for the both of you. You rush over to him.
"Kiku-senpai, I'm sorry for being late." you say, suddenly realizing that you sound like Kiku.
"'s okay." he trails off. "Well, why don't you sit down?"
"O-ok..." looking at him, realizing how handsome he looks in his kimono, and how soft his lips look...
Getting off topic! You and Kiku spend about an hour talking about math until he excuses himself to go to the shower. As you stay in his room, you look at the paintings around the room. One of a sakura tree, another of a cute cat...and then you notice a booklet, with the words, My Diary.
Ohhhh gosh. You now knew Kiku, the quiet, calm-headed boy kept a diary. You tried to resist your urge to open the book, but your curiosity get to the better of you. You started reading.

Today I saw (y/n)-san again. I don't know why, but my heart started feeling weird, beating louder then I have ever heard it, and I felt all the blood go to my face. I wondered why, but now, now that I realise it, I think I like her. I hope not-as I only want us to be friends...

Whoa....never had you seen this. No wonder why whenever you saw him, he was always a little pink than normally.
You flipped through the book, skimming the pages, until you came up to the last entry.

Today (y/n)-san is coming over to study...and I feel a bit dispirited. I guess it's because she's not here for a different reason...but I suppose it's better to be with her than without. She's here!

The last sentence was scrawled in hastily, and now you realize what that thump came from.
He likes you. Like, in all ways possible, likes you.
You realize your face is turning red. But more importantly, you hear Kiku coming to his room. You try to hastily hide the book-but it's too late. He walks in, and notices you about a feet from where you were before. The math books are on the floor, and once he sees the book in your hands, he blushes a bright red. Kiku opens the door, as to escape, but you catch his slim wrist.
"Kiku-senpai." Your voice sounds different, and now that you realize it, your heart is beating fast. How did he say it? ...beating louder than I had ever heard it.... True..
"Y-y-y-yes (y/n)?" he asks, looking away from your (e/c) eyes imploring him.
"Is...what you said true?" you ask, moving closer to him, and ignoring his sacred rule of personal space.
"I...suppose so." Kiku says. He looks you determinedly in the eyes-brown meeting (e/c).
" may be too late...but will you accept my feelings?" he asks, pulling you close to him.
"Yes I will!" you say, hugging him. He pulled your chin up to look at him.
"Aisheteru...(y/n)" and kisses you gently. You and him stand, in a tight embrace, and you feel as though your heart will burst.

*Timeskip brought to you from Math Homework (yes, ironic)*

You and Kiku walk to school the next morning, holding hands. Luckily no one notices-Yao Wang is sworn to secrecy while Glibert is bothering Elizabeta Hedervary, not paying attention to you.
After the reactions of the student body from the day before, you and Kiku decide to keep your relationship a secret. You also ace the Math test.

*Another fascinating timeskip*
On your first ever date after school, you and your boyfriend Kiku Honda settle down in a park with a basket and a checkered cloth in which you two sit down. You lay your head on his lap.
"(y/n)-chan." Kiku is now using a new suffix. One to show he loves you.
"Kiku..." you trail off, pulling him down for a long kiss.

This is my first ever story...(yes, I am a noob....)
Can you tell me about the story? Like how good/bad it is??
Just no hate mail...I understand I didn't really follow his character~
Hetalia belongs to Himaruya (thank you so much for making this~) and the story belongs to me~~
You belong to Kiku-kun~
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