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NorwayxReader: Timekeeper-san. [PROLOGUE]
Tires squeal, a scream echoes throughout the confines of his normally organized mind. 
Blood splatters on the roadway, as a well-known shudder runs through his nimble body. It's become an ordinary part of his life though, experiencing the death of his people. 
But why is it that he feels a strange feeling of déjà vu? He's pretty sure that he's never seen this person before. So he has to investigate exactly who this person is, why he has this feeling that's escaping out of his right eye? This "feeling" is quickly wiped up by a woolen jacket, as he runs toward the car crash that has just occurred thirty minutes away from where he is at the moment. 
Except he's too late, and before he knows it, the body of this person has already been taken care of, and was in the process of being taken away by officials. His monotone blue eyes surveyed the scene of chaos. People that have just witnessed the person's death take pictures, as a feeling of disgust runs t
:iconerzascarlet0713:Erzascarlet0713 3 0
Guess who's really borrrrrred. :iconerzascarlet0713:Erzascarlet0713 0 0 Kuroha and my daily ramblings, hahahaaaa... :iconerzascarlet0713:Erzascarlet0713 0 17 Accepting our lord Doitsu. :iconerzascarlet0713:Erzascarlet0713 3 3 late night essays are hard to do. :iconerzascarlet0713:Erzascarlet0713 0 3 Screenshot Meme. :iconerzascarlet0713:Erzascarlet0713 0 19 more critiquing on my old works :iconerzascarlet0713:Erzascarlet0713 0 11 Going over an old drawing of mine... :iconerzascarlet0713:Erzascarlet0713 1 23
KurohaxMale!Reader: Sundresses and Cherry Blossoms
A grassy hill, a sunny day. Children laughing, and the riverside splashing-indeed, this was the best stereotypical day you could get. 
And to top that off, there stood a black-haired female at this hill, her shoulder-length hair flying in the breeze as best as it could under her cream-coloured sunhat adorned with a large, pink frilly bow as her matching cream-coloured dress flapped quietly with the gentle breeze. (m/n)'s eyes widened, then narrowed slightly as he smiled, and started walking towards this certain female on this hill, his status as the master flirter needing to be kept. 
The cherry blossom tree swayed, and a single delicate, light pink blossom fell onto the male's outstretched hand as he stroked it, enjoying the feel of the silky petals, the smooth inside. This would help him immensely when it came to letting the girl know his charms. 
In quick, confident strides, he stepped up to the girl, tapping her shoulder as he brought a hand to her hair, cherry bloss
:iconerzascarlet0713:Erzascarlet0713 3 24
oh my god kuroha-tan. :iconerzascarlet0713:Erzascarlet0713 2 40 Procrastination. :iconerzascarlet0713:Erzascarlet0713 3 29
NorwayxReader: Our Melody (Part 1)
"(y/n)....this is heavy."
"Yeah, you licorice-obsessed albino, a full-size cello will clearly not will be heavy."
"It really is! And I'm not an albino! I don't even have red eyes!"
"Yeah yeah..."
Sighing, you held out your hand, and gestured to the cello case.
"Give it now."
Emil Steillson, one of your closest friends, had been carrying your instrument as a "manly" gesture, after hearing you constantly tease him about how child-like, immature, and weak he was. Not that you truthfully meant it though, seeing how you two were quite close with each other.
He handed you the instrument with almost no care at all, and it nearly slipped out of your hands. Which led to a serious lecture from you about how important one must handle their things, especially another person's things. The only thing that stopped you from this almost neverending lecture was his statement.
"God, could you shut up for once (y/n)? My
:iconerzascarlet0713:Erzascarlet0713 1 35
ChinaxReader: Sentimental Feelings for the Old Age
That one word implies one thing-bring back previous memories, as painful as they are. It brings them out, not listening to reason, just caring that you remember everything that you can. Of course, it brings back so many bad memories to this old soul of mine.
Old. Soul.
Yup. I should face my fate soon I guess. The memories are overwhelming, and they remind me of one thing. I had started to live, right until you met me.

(h/c) that flew like silk in the wind, the rosy gaze of your cheeks when you first confessed your love to me, the pale hand that had a glistening ring on it, the colours mixing with your beautiful eyes.
I must admit, I still don't know what colour they were. It was so long ago that it's either I barely saw you, which I highly doubt, or too long. Most likely it's the latter.
I wonder how long ago it has been since I've said, "I love you?"
I was stubborn. Sappy sentences like that embarrassed me. Somehow I was able to ignor
:iconerzascarlet0713:Erzascarlet0713 12 13
KanoxReader (Part 2)
Totally Not Your Point of View Now
You had no idea what was going on, but you did know that you were officially screwed. That weird dude saw you, and now he would probably tell Momo and Shintaro, and dub you as a crazy stalker, which you knew you did not want.
"Hey~ I see a random girl hiding behind the trash can over there!" he called out, as I angrily cursed at him silently.
Momo and Shintaro directed their gazes towards the trash can, and I stepped out shakily, laughing nervously.
"Ha...ha! M-Momo-san, y-you dropped your k-keychain at Akihabara, s-so I decided to g-give it to you...!" you stuttered, holding out the keychain, Momo's eyes getting wide.
She took it and hugged you happily. "Thank you so much...uh..."
"My name is (y/n)."
Her beam was infectious. "(y/n)! Let me properly thank you!"
With that, Momo dragged you inside the apartment, much to your surprise. Her older brother and the weird cat-eyed dude followed, and the door shut.
Time skip
Everything had
:iconerzascarlet0713:Erzascarlet0713 1 4
Haengbok Im :iconerzascarlet0713:Erzascarlet0713 1 6
CanadaxReader: Of Saturday Mornings and Pancakes
AN: Reader-tan, now you are going to be a bookworm and immensely shy~! No complaints please, because the awesome me demands it so! Enjoy this cruddy fanfic~!
It’s a nice Saturday morning, with the sun’s rays filtering through the windows, and the smell of pancakes drizzled with maple syrup permeating the kitchen.
“Mattie!” I call out quietly at the said man, who turns around while starting.
“Y-Yes (y/n)?” he stutters, and I silently fawn over him. Who wouldn’t? With his blond hair that just touched the top of his shoulders, that cute curl that seemed to be a rebel to gravity, the wide, amethyst orbs blinking with confusion and wonder at my sudden exclamation, and his lips….so soft…and…god..wait no! (y/n), get that thought out of your head right now!!
A small blush now on my face, I blink. “Can you give me the batter for the pancakes please?” I ask, and he nods.
“H-Here you go…” Mattie
:iconerzascarlet0713:Erzascarlet0713 26 46


Delinquent Nanako :iconsurreyality:surreyality 11 1
Mature content
Nezushi yaoi meme. :iconinma:inma 1,433 94
Eggbird :icongydrozmaa:GydroZMaa 183 39 Levi Shimeji + Levi Chatbot Pack :iconkuro-t:Kuro-T 161 43
Collage Diaries 18
Collage Diaries 18
Unlike before when it was a place where only a few students would hang out to eat lunch or take a nap, the library soon became a place for colleagues to congregate and "study" with one another over soft music and textbook reading clubs. In other words, midterms were already underway.
Emil had been taught about how to handle midterms several times by his brother before even setting foot into Eliatha University. Always start early. Come the day of the test, if he doesn't know something, chances are, he won't know it any later.
So went the ideal way of studying, but seldom ever did anyone take to those words of advice, and Leon was looking like one of those individuals.
It was one Wednesday afternoon after Emil had finished his classes when he came across his roommate loafing in his bed and playing what sounded like another MMORPG. Emil knew this because he had gotten used to the rhythm of the mouse clicks Leon used for specific games, and it was obvious that studying d
:icongydrozmaa:GydroZMaa 14 12
Kagerou Project:konoha :iconpattanun:Pattanun 38 7
Interesting [Spain x Latvia] {Drabble}
Now wasn't this interesting?
Spain was, as always, all smiles. Latvia was, per usual, shaking like a leaf.
What wasn't normal, however, was the fact that they were together. As in Spain was happily talking with the small Baltic as said Baltic was trapped in the Spaniards' arms, on his lap.
Romano, Belgium, and Netherlands were all confused, including England who would occasionally ask the nearest person if this was really happening. Truthfully, everyone though Spain would have Romano on his lap like that. (Romano was relieved this wasn't the case, but was bemused anyway. Not that he'd let anyone know he cared about Spain, though everyone already knew.)
Latvia surprised many as well. Russia was confused but released his aura anyway, Lithuania was trying to stop Poland from gossiping about the two, ah, for the lack of a better term, lovers, Estonia was trying very hard to not yank the Latvian away from the Spaniard in motherly paranoia, whil
:iconmiistical:Miistical 24 66
COLOSSAL SLAP :iconcioccolatodorima:Cioccolatodorima 2,468 216
Attention all writers and readers:

  Okay so this is a very important journal ( i understand that it's long) and i would like all of you to share/read/etc. because i feel like this problem has gotten out of hand.  

  The Problem:
I'm sure recently you guys have heard of this actually. Fellow writers/readers, have been finding stolen work from DA on other writing sites. Many of us DA writers have had our work stolen; not only that, the work is claimed to be their own, and there are many comments afterwards such as "oh i cried while writing this" or "this is a request from a reader" when they put no effort whatsoever. A few days ago, a person had basically mass stolen works from about 10 authors--it wasn't just one from each author either, it was about 3 or 4. Good friends of mine had their work plagiarized word for word. And the worst part is that we have no knowledge this is happeni
:iconespressocakes:espressocakes 54 184
I just found something.
....That you must watch.
Try not to nosebleed. Nosebleed 
and OH MY GOD just that picture should explain itttttt
:iconxyourhero:xYourHero 21 74
Mature content
Caught || Kageyama Tobio x Male!Reader [Lime] :iconfeeniecchi:Feeniecchi 233 31
CM : Lets Go Home :iconriki-to:Riki-to 802 58 City Glow :iconriki-to:Riki-to 2,526 160 Anime Expo Art Show:: Otaku's room :iconkissai:kissai 7,663 748 BHRML :icongydrozmaa:GydroZMaa 58 28



even though you guys could already tell haha haha haha

Anyway, like the title suggests, I'm leaving Deviantart! Man, I remember when I uploaded my first fic and everything on here, meeting the sweetest people (like noire oml precious af) and really wow wow wow

but now I don't really write Readerfics? And I don't plan to haha 

I won't delete this account though, and I'll probably come on occasionally to clean out my messages and stuff you know


But anyway, thank you all for that hell trip I had on here and bye! I love you all, and stay super safe and happy af! If you ever need to talk to me about any problems you have, or just want to chat, my Kik username is JessieFaUn0713 mmm 

Thanks again! <3


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Artist | Student | Literature
United States
I was a simple person, living a simple life, being a anime fan and stuff. You get me. I would say it was a fateful lunch when my friends told me about Hetalia, and one-shots. It was weird, because I had never thought about anime characters who like you, so I experimented a little bit, and nearly screamed out of embarrassment and joy.

So one day, since I decided to be awesome, (and maybe because I liked to write stories) I wrote my own one shot. Let me warn you it was crappy, and I was all like "lol yolo, every1 is gunna like dis purdy thang". To this day, I wish to delete the thing because it's really cliche, and it shames me when I see the cliche stuff. But oh well. I like the feeling of being nostalgic.

And that led me to the adventure I call my life.

I'm quite the sarcastic person, may I warn you, and I am quite capable of being really tsundere, and short-tempered. But don't take it that I hate you or anything, I'm just really clueless at times.

Well, I hope you have a good day. Or night. Whatever.

9/23/14-I just realized how weird I was when I first got deviantart and made this bio thing. Luckily I fixed everything. Hue.

Let's see, my fandoms....
Right now, it's majorly Hetalia, as you can tell by my uploads. But I also am a big fan of the Kagerou Project, Death Note, Vocaloid, and especially Magi, even though I'm not that far in it, haha--

Oh well. Maybe one day I'll write fanfiction for every one of my fandoms. Or I hope.

My only, dear senpai that's so very nice~ :iconnoiredelacroix:


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Ahahahaaaa, I just made this. It would be nice to have points, so I could hold a contest or something. But let's just leave the donation box empty because nobody wants to donate, 'kay?

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